The Electoral Commission chairman has issued a warning to all candidates aspiring for political positions to stop hanging their campaign posters and banners on road traffic signs and electricity poles.

Justice Simon Byabakama who was speaking shortly after releasing the campaign program for parliamentary and local government council candidates says any campaign materials that are found placed in wrong places will be plucked off by police and KCCA authorities.

This announcement comes as several politicians have defiantly neglected to remove campaign posters despite warnings from the KCCA authorities to remove these posters placed ibn gazetted places like traffic signs, electricity polls among others.

Byabakama has also warned security agencies to have no right to disrupt any candidate’s activities as long as they are within the law and following the set Standard Operation Procedures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

He has however also challenged all candidates, their agents and supporters to ensure they act within the law and report any challenges encountered through the right channels.

The Electoral Commission has set 14th Jan 2021 as polling day for directly elected members of parliament and district woman MPs with campaigns to run from 9th Nov 2020 – 12th Jan 2021