Money ain’t everything! If it was then songbird Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo would be still together.

With all the dime and fame Kenzo has, it should have been all rosy but unfortunately, Rema had different plans.

That’s all! But Kenzo thought otherwise. He at one time ditched out bundles of US dollars and showered her thinking it could tame the Siri Muyembe singer’s wild desires. Apparently, the Big Talent boss did this unknowingly in front of Hamza Ssebunya.

This happened in August 2018 at the ‘Kwanjula’ ceremony of their family pal, Umar.

But now as it stands, Rema is already baking something in her oven for love doctor, Hamza.

Anyway enjoy the throwback!

Eddy Kenzo and REMA put up a show for guests at a ceremony as Kenzo showers his ex with money

Posted by Mbu on Thursday, October 22, 2020


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