Sunday afternoon at Tanqueray’s second Sunday Brunch affair was a beehive of activity with friends and family mingling, dining, and taking in the afternoon’s setting at the Lakes Restaurant, Kampala Serena Hotel.

Foodies who came in on time as early as midday for the Mongolian fiesta and noticed almost immediately that it was not business as usual as the super-premium gin lit up the brunch coupled with the light-hearted soothing music from saxophonist maestro Micheal Kitanda who put different twists to popular cover songs by local and international artists.

As guests swayed and indulged in the Sunday food affair, it was obvious that the tantalizing lunch-hour buffet was far from disappointing as many took their time with the arranged assorted foods that were quite frankly, a sight for sore eyes. “Our gin lovers and foodies have had the perfect balance of our fresh citrus and delicious food because Tanqueray’s experience is like none other and blends perfectly to celebrate any occasion,” said Annette Nakiyaga, Head of International
Premium Spirits, UBL.

This was the second edition of the Tanqueray Sunday Brunch, a new addition to the Kampala Serena Hotel that will be happening every first Sunday of the month for the rest of the year.