The news of socialite Zari Hassan being in Tz together with her kids to see Diamond Platinumz have already taken over social media like wild fire.

The TZ crooner had taken over 2 years without meeting his kids since the nasty break up with Zari back in 2018.

After spending close to 24 months without seeing his two angels Tifah and Nilan, sources close to Wasafi records  reveal that Diamond began rooting for the day he meets up with his kids.

Over the last 5 month the ‘Jeje’ hitmaker has been silently negotiating with Zari on how he might once again meet the kids.

Last week, Diamond’s manager Taletale Hamis, aka Babu Tale flew to South Africa where Zari stays and begged the mother of five to let Diamond see his children because it was ‘killing him’ not to see his children.

Well Zari accepted manager Babu’s pleas and now she is in Tanzanian together with their kids.

Upon arriving at the Airport in Dares saam, Zari was asked by media on whether she plans to stay at Diamond’s place now that she was in the country together with the kids.

Tactfully answering the sensitive question Zari said she wasn’t sure whether she would stay at the Hotel or at Diamond’s place.

”Am don’t know whether i will be staying at the Hotel or at Diamond’s. Am still undecided. But either way nothing will happen between us like the media presumes. Am here for the kids”