For over 12 months now, talented Rnb singers Apass and Ykee Benda have been involved in a cold war as the two musicians fight to impress the undeniably beautiful online comedian Martha Kagimbi popularly known as Martha Kay.

Sex War: Apass, Ykee Benda In Bitter Beef Over Martha Kay's Kitone - The Spy

Right from the beginning of 2019 both Apass and Ykee Benda have never shied away from the fact that they have true feelings for the bootylicious online comedian.

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Infact both Apass and Ykee Benda have repeatedly taken to social media to praise and glorify martha Kay’s hot and irresistible body.

Singer Ykee Benda now runs after Martha Kay after being rejected by NBS TV's Sheila Nduhukire – Watchdog Uganda

Despite the the two musicians repeatedly denying having true feeling for the comedian when asked in interviews, there actions towards Martha K on social media have always  let them down.

Sex War: Ykee Benda, Apass In Bitter Beef Over Martha Kay's Kitone - The Spy

To calm the storm brewed by social media Martha Kay has always said that both Apass and Ykee Benda are her friends and all the social media gimmicks made by the two are just to have fun and to pass time.

Martha Kay loves me a lot! A Pass hurts Ykee Benda's feeling as he confirms winning over comedienne's heart – Watchdog Uganda

However yesterday evening while celebrating Ykee Benda’s birthday on Instagram , the soupy comedian openly showed fans who between the musicians she like most by pouring out her heart for the Kireka boy.

After failing to impress with words, Ykee Benda goes to Bruno K for lessons. Set to sing a song for Martha Kay - Galaxy FM 100.2

”Happy happy birthday to the boy so tender Love My personal person. @ykeebenda I think the world is yet to see the heights of your greatness. You are super talented, creative, intelligent plus an amazing and very intentional friend. Proud of how far you have come and excited to see what the future holds. Have a beautiful day dear and may God overwhelm you with only good things” Martha Kay posted with may fans saying she clearly has a thing for Ykee Benda