For so long renown city comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado has been verbally attacked by a section of opposition supporters for political reasons.

Patrick Salvado

Salvador together with his bae Daphine Frankstock receive massive share of insults on a daily for supporting rallying support for presidential candidate, Y.K Tihaburwa Museveni in the next year’s general election.

Well, the funny comedian has started receiving not only insults on social media but also death threats, according his freshest post on Facebook. Salvador has shared screenshots taken from a one Caro Line’s posts, calling for protesters to burn him to ashes.

“Munoonye Patrick Idringi Salvado gyapangisa akayumba mukakumeko omuliro”, one of Caro’s post partly reads.

Salvado receives death threats

Seemingly unbothered by the threats, Salvado maintains his support for Sevo is unshaken but claims he will not sit back sips on his cold passion fruit juice as ‘there is wrong being done’.

“Even after all the years she’s lived in a “civilized” country, we still have this barbaric tendencies … I’m not a Yoweri Kaguta Museveni apologist, I’m his SUPPORTER but I won’t keep quiet when there is wrong done, but going this extreme bse I support someone makes me even support them more. Good morning Caro Line – Have a blessed day in the U.S”, his caption reads.

Below a screenshot taken from his post;

Salvador’s post