Sevo is at it again, this time around, assuring haters not appreciating or recognizing development by the ruling NRM in the country.

Museveni the NRM Presidential candidate says he feels ashamed for the opposition that continues to downplay the achievements in his regime that are based on facts.

Speaking during his campaigns in the Teso region, Sevo expressed disappointment with his critics showing a blind eye while he commissions great things to date.

“I feel embarrassed on behalf of the opposition. I was in the Karamoja sub-region, opened a good hotel, commissioned the road from Soroti to Moroto, and the internet linking Moroto to New York by underground cable. I feel sorry people are there talking but not appreciating facts” Museveni said 

Museveni’s regime has been constantly criticized by the opposition that claims he has not done enough in terms of improving infrastructure and alleviating poverty from Uganda.

Most presidential candidates traversing the country have complained of the poor state of roads in the countryside.

Museveni has concluded his campaigns in the Teso sub-region on Monday with  Kumi district, he met with NRM youth and leaders and is expected to address his supporters on radio and tv across the region.

On Tuesday he is in Mbale and Bugisu region to meet with NRM leaders before hosting a talkshow later at 7pm.