Celebrated City spinner Stuart Kavuma popularly known as Dj Slick Stuart has this morning excited social media users by sharing a controversial video of himself seductively dancing with a drop dead gorgeous babe.

DJ Slick Stuart To join NBS - HowweBiz.UG

In the video posted on Instagram,  Stuart who is smartly dressed in a Salsa training outfit can be seen carrying a portable yummy chic by her waist before wrapping her around his southern hemisphere in act so similar to a classic bonking style named ‘man’s so hot’

On recording the one minute and 20 seconds video, Stuart rushed to his Instagram and posted it with a lovely caption ”On The Next Episode Of @dancewithvalentino Sunday 6.30pm”

When our snoops contacted Stuart to explain  more about the video, the sex hungry spin master said it was nothing more than just a mere training session with a friend

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