Multi-talented beat maker Daddy Andre made headlines this year when several female upcoming artists accused him of wanting to eat their beans before he could lay hands on their works.

Daddy Andre bonking Nina Roz
Daddy Andre bonking Nina Roz

One of the victims, Nadia Rania claimed that Andre has a bed in his studios where he skins his prey and unleash his deadly reptile on them. Well that’s history now since the producer found himself helplessly caged by Nina Roz. Nina put his insatiable bonking desires to rest and he is not willing to go astray!

Through her social media platform, Nina Roz came out earlier and confessed how Daddy Andre has been a blessing in her life and how he has created an environment for the best of her to come out.

Nina Roz stole Andre's heart for good
Nina Roz stole Andre’s heart for good

“Am so very grateful for the gift that is your existence. Each day I wake up to your love, protection, wisdom and provision I am reminded that heaven designed this union before the foundation of the earth. You have constantly met me where iam and created an environment for the best of me to come out,” she posted on her Instagram page.

The producer-cum-artiste also called her Kimuli kya Roza ekiwunya akawowo. “May God protect our enemies so that they can watch us prosper in our journey successfully and forever more darling..amen. Oli kimuli kya Roza ekiwunya akawowo,” Daddy Andre responded.

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