Zoe Fellowship’s Prophet Elvis Mbonye has over the years attracted controversy over his prophecies.

After making a number of prophecies in 2020, we unmask the few that have failed and others that have come to pass.

Pastor Augustine Yiga
In a video recorded on January 7, 2020, Mbonye said he saw the name “Yiga” becoming a major news item but he could not tell how. Just two months later, Pastor Yiga was arrested for spreading false information about the coronavirus.

Ten months later, Pastor Yiga died at Nsambya hospital.

In September 2020 prophecied about the rampant fires that would destroy property all over the world and since then, a number of bush fires have engulfed parts of Australia and the United States.

A rampant fire also recently burnt Makerere University’s main building to ashes.

European Economic Crisis
Also this year in January 2020, Mbonye prophesied that there were going to be changed in the economies of countries in Europe.
“There is going to be certain changes almost like a shakeup and there will be a lot of talk about the European economic crisis because the markets are trembling. That is a sign of an opportunity to the child of God,” he said in a video we landed on.

Three months later, there were reports of the Eurozone economic crisis which was blamed on the Covid-19 pandemic. Some firms in countries like Spain collapsed.

Kamala Harris
This year in January 2020, Prophet Mbonye said there is going to be a great feminine force behind Joe Biden, the Democratic Party nominee in the US elections who later won US Presidency.

“There is something that I saw which was not clear some of the things that came to me were bizarre. I saw something about the US and this one kind of baffled me because it was about the Democratic Party. Prophet Mbonye was quoted in the video that was recorded on January 7, 2020.

Mbonye emphasized that the Feminine force was not Hillary Clinton. In November 2020, Kamala Harris who was a running mate to Joe Biden became the first female US vice president-elect.

Election of Boris Johnson as UK Prime minister
Joe Boris was elected UK Prime Minister six months after Mbonye foretold the election. “Something new is brewing in the UK. I saw a man who was cheered on and he was called Boris Johnson,” Mbonye said.

Mbonye also hinted about Johnson’s romantic life. In February, news about Johnson’s engagement to his girlfriend, Carrie Symmonds dominated the media

COVID-19 Controversial Scholar
On January 7, 2020, Prophet Mbonye prophesied that there will “come a time when there will be a renowned scholar that shall come into this nation and there will be a lot of controversies. The drama that shall erupt as a result of his presence.

In April, Prof Sarfaz K Niazi from the United States came to Uganda and claimed that he had come up with a spray that instantly killed the coronavirus. He was backed by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga who told MPs that the US scientist had invented a spray that instantly kills coronavirus.
Kadaga said that the spray was to be produced at DEI Group in Luzira, Kampala, and will be the first product that instantly kills the virus.

Joe Biden Presidency

Prophet Mbonye trashed Joe Biden by saying he can’t become President of the United States of America.

Prophet Mbonye made a Prophecy when Biden won the Democratic Party nomination, sarcastically asking his congregation to imagine a Biden Presidency. “Imagine Joe Biden as President. In fact, stop (imagining) because it will never happen.” Mbonye said.

US President Donald Trump, whom Mbonye says will maintain the Presidency is already crying foul saying the election was heavily rigged and that the matter must go to the Supreme Court.

Prophet Mbonye’s prophecy still stands.

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