South African based socialite Zari Hassan has finally come out and had a say on the controversial video that her son Raphael made claiming that he is sexually attracted to fellow boys.

It should be noted that on Wednesday this week the towering teenager turned social media upside down after he openly  made a video saying that he is gay.

”I know most of you are laughing but please don’t judge. This is not funny and I don’t know how to say it but am more attracted to boys than girls. All I wanted to tell you is that am gay” Raphael confessed in a blockbuster video

And now in a more tactical move intended to comment on her son’s video , Zari has come out and revealed how she is willing to offer all the support that Raphael needs in the world

”Am a parent and can’t do anything about it. If my son actually turns out to be gay then i will have no choice to support his decision” Zari said in a video on Instagram.