The gov’t has responded to a communique by the U.S Ambassador to Uganda pulling out of observing the 2021 general polls happening on 14th Jan 2021.

US Ambassador to Uganda Natalie Brown announced that the US would not adequately observe the elections because the Electoral Commission had declined to accredit more than a 75percent of its observers but instead allowed only 15accreditations.

”With only 15 accreditations  approved, it is not possible for the united states to meaningfully conduct of Uganda’s elections at polling sites across the country.”Natalie Brown said.

She added that despite several requests, the EC provided no explanation for its decision that was announced a few days ago to cancel the accreditations.

Gov’t spokesperson Ofwono Opondo however says the forthcoming elections are relevant to Ugandans and not the U.S.

He further explains that the US is being unreasonable to react that way because they were given more observers than any other country.

”They are pulling out because they had asked for 72 and were given 15vacancies, are they being reasonable? The total number of people who are going to be at the tally center won’t exceed 600 if a country is given 15, they should appreciate it.” he added

Opondo disputed claims by the US ambassador that the EC had declined to adjust the numbers for their observers saying the number was revised from 8 to 15.

”This is an attempt to blackmail the futile hope that it will discredit the elections, it will not,” he said