There has been talk going around insinuating how retired archbishop of Uganda Rev Stanley Ntagali had been held to ransom by a babe with whom it is alleaged he has has been committing adultery with.

Rumors from the dark corridors reveal that the babe in question wasn’t in the relationship with Ntagali for the sake of love per say but like most ladies do she was simply there to siphon money out of the man of God.

Infact the same rumors goes on to allege how the babe had forced Ntagali to sale off some of his property in order to raise an insurmountable amount of money for her.It is alleged that she had put in place a condition of releasing his nudes in public just incase he failed to give her the money.

However speaking to a source close to the babe we were told that the lady in question was in love with Ntagali and that money per say wasn’t the only motivator for her being in a relationship with Ntagali.

”Those rumors are baseless like many others we have been hearing. My friend was in love with the archbishop and there is no way she could have held the man of God on ransom for for the sake of money” a source which preferred anonymity intimated to us