Police in Kampala has given its assurance to respect a directive given by the high court to remove all its officers from the premises of the National Unity Platform-NUP strongman Robert Kyagulanyi.

Court today directed all security including the army and Police deployed at the residence of Kyagulanyi to vacate with immediate effect.

In the ruling given by justice Elubu of the civil division high court, he stated that the security was infringing on the human rights of Kyagulanyi and his wife by detaining them in an ungazeted area.

While addressing the media on Monday afternoon at their premises in Naguru, the police mouthpiece Fred Enanga said police will respect the court ruling once they receive a copy of the ruling.

Enanga says they are yet to obtain a copy of the ruling and as a law-abiding institution, they are ready to order their cops off the premises of Kyagulanyi.

‘’In the same vein, we would like to urge the NUP president to abide by the provisions of the court ruling and strictly observe SOP’s as guided by the court”.Enanga noted

Enanga also says that despite the court ruling, they will still keep a watchful eye on him to ensure that he doesn’t break the law considering the country is still in the post-election era.

‘’It is the prerogative of the police to detect and prevent crime and we are   going to ensure that we play that role effectively.’’