The Baganda have a saying that goes ”Omusajja wakukusinga ensumika akukubisa gwolina” literally meaning a man who is good at fighting will use the same weapon that you used to attack him to beat you.

In the same vein celebrated local singer Eddy Kenzo knows that Hamza Sebunya used the same tactics to seduce and wow her former bonkmate Rema Namakula.

After being defeated in the battle of love, it seems like the ‘Tweyagale’ hit maker hasn’t resorted to any sort of  cursing and self pity.

Instead of being engraved in jealousy and bias ,Kenzo is now learning from the same man who stole his would be wife.

Perhaps after seeing Hamza fresh and clean in a maroon  kitengi during Rema’s introduction, Kenzo borrowed the same idea and tailored the same outfit for an occasion he attended over the weekend.

Over the weekend, the award winning musician  slid in a maroon Kitengi with some fans insinuating that he must have borrowed some dressing tips  from Hamza Sebunya