All is not well between songbirds Rema Namakula and Fille Mutoni. Shocking rumors on social media streets has it that Rema  and Fille cannot see eye to eye and of course a man is involved in their bitter feud. 

Have y’all heard about Fille-Rema beef?

Apparently the beef roots from Mukyala Musaawo’s hit song, ‘This is love’ in which she features Rwandan singer and songwriter, The Ben. 

Sources say Fille accuses Rema of stealing a juicy deal from her that was worth millions of money in the ‘This is love’ hit song thereby making her bank accounts happy at her cost.

Initially, The Ben had first recorded ‘This is Love’  song with Fille and in a shocking twist, he ended up dumping her for Rema after being advised that she had what it takes to help him break into the Ugandan music market at whatever cost.

Fille is no happy with Rema

This however has left the “Love Again” singer and her manager (MC Kats) cursing Rema like how God did to Adam and Eve for disobedience by eating the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden as she faulted Rema for hiding the behind the curtains and stole their music deal there by leaving them in absolute poverty.