NBS TV has refused to ‘apologize to Ugandans’ for annoying NUP darling Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine .

 Bobi Wine not happy with NBS TV
Bobi Wine not happy with NBS TV

Over the weekend, Bobi Wine penned down a rant letter to NBS TV, asking them to say sorry to Ugandans for relaying what he termed ‘false election results’ of 2021 presidential elections.

In his letter dated 27th January, the pop-star cum opposition honcho expressed his disappointment in the way the Naguru based station ‘established it own tally center’ contrary to gov’t directive that no one was allowed to release results except the electoral commission.

“You will recall that in many countries, cooperation like yours have chosen to side with the regimes in power against in situations of great moral conflict. Whether they do it for material gain or other considerations, they never escape the consequences of their depravity. I hope you will reflect on your actions and apologize  to the people of Uganda”, the letter partly reads.

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Below is Bobi’s letter;

Bobi's letter to NBS TV
Bobi’s letter to NBS TV

The disgruntled NUP disciples have also since amplified Bobi’s voice by calling out all ‘Komuledis in Situlago’ to boycott the media house until the boss, Kin Kaliisa drops to his knees and apologize.

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However, Kaliisa has refused to back down and instead informed Bobi and colleagues to take a chill pill because his employees ‘provide equal opportunities to all political players’ irrespective of their inclination’.

“We have consistently provided equal opportunity to all political players irrespective of their inclinations. Because of this, we have continuously received similar sentiments from government, opposition and general public alike, especially when it’s not in their favor”, a letter from NBS dated 1st, Feb 2021 partly reads.

Check it out below;

NBS's response to Bobi
NBS’s response to Bobi