The Baganda have a saying that goes ”gyova toyobye jotera okuda” literally meaning a place you left minus having any wrangles is the same place you might end up being in the future.

NBS relayed wrong election results in favour of Museveni, says former employee Moses Walugembe - The Street Journal

The seemingly wise proverb teaches people to make good amends with people they have stayed with for quite a long time than the people they have met for the very first time.

Moses Walugembe: Freelance Journalist Profile

However despite the wealth of wisdom in that saying former NBS TV reporter Moses Walugembe seems to think and act otherwise.

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The courageous and well spoken  journalist yesterday evening took to social media and attacked his former employers NBS following claims by Bobi Wine that Next media had sided with the state to fabricate the 2021 election results.

NBS relayed wrong election results in favour of Museveni, says former employee Moses Walugembe - The Street Journal

In what seemed like a post that defended Bobi Wine’s claims over the weekend, Walugembe said that it is true NBS helped the state to fabricate the 2021 elections and that it never had a tally center like they have always purported to have.

”Bobi Wine didn’t attack NBSTV like many are trying to make it look like it.The protest letter to NBStv is based on facts which many of us having worked there know. They claimed to have a tally center which never existed and lied to the public that results they relayed were from their reporters on ground which was not the case. It was a lie( let them challenge me on that). They therefore knew what they were doing just as they did it in 2016 elections, well planned & aided the state-Museveni, to announce fabricated results and I can be sued if I am lying. I have evidence to that.

Now the core codes of journalism standards &ethics include accuracy and factual reporting, truthfulness, impartiality and public accountability. They fell short of all these. Fact is they knowingly connived with the state to declare results engineered in a hotel room which they knew were not from their own reporters who were in the field sending correct results from polling stations while the true results were trashed and instead relayed those given to them well fabricated. I know what I am talking about, I have been there.

Kenneth this is a fact. Let them challenge it. We need to protect this profession called JOURNALISM from those who misuse it. We are the fourth estate.” Moses Walugembe posted on his Facebook page