Former NBS TV presenter Anita Fabiola has taken to social media and shared a few juicy pictures of her beautiful and bonkus sister.


The high maintenance media personality took off her time to not only praise  but appreciate how lucky she is to have a wonderfully made sibling like her.


”Ever loved someone so much that you just can’t explain it ? That’s how much I love my beautiful pumpkin. Tag your siblings to remind them how much you love them. My sister is wearing a dress from @wishlistfashionhouse” Anita Fabiola posted 
On seeing the captivating pictures on all her socials, a few horny fans commented by saying they would bonk her live in at ll they were presented with a chance.
”I think beauty just runs in your family. I wouldn’t hesitate eating her live if I got a chance for a date” a one Emmanuel Kizito commented on Fabiola’s post