Its now in plain sight! Stunning and curvy Kampala woman MP-elect, Shamim Malende is not single and searching.

Malende is not single

Yes, sorry NUP ‘Komuledis in situlago’ who were eyeing Shamim’s juicy sumbie with hopes of harvesting her. The young lawyer and legislature in waiting is in love and bonking tubeless with her Mr. right.

Shamim swallows someone’s son!

Shamim, one of the most famous and influential figures in Bobi Wine’s NUP camp officially unveiled her prince charming, Shamil; a youthful and mugged chap with remarkable bedroom skills on Valentine’s day.

Shamim and Shamil have always played the famous bedroom game, home and away in silence but they couldn’t hide their steamy romps any more.

Shamim swallows Shamil’s reptile

She took to Facebook and told the world in an open letter to her Mr. right;

Dear Shamil,
Amidst reclaiming our victory in the Supreme Court of Uganda, I could not think of a better day to write this to you.
Valentine’s day is very special to me because of you. In so many ways you have improved me, guided and protected me.
On this Valentine’s day, I appreciate you for being you, for your honesty, integrity and for being man enough for me. Thank you for being amazing in so many invisible ways.
Thank you for loving and respecting the less privileged, thank you for pushing my career forward, for the respect you give to me and for supporting my campaigns unconditionally.
Thank you for giving up so much for me but most importantly for loving and understanding GOD.
Happy Valentine’s day my Palace King
#when the king really loves
#Love in the palace”, she captioned the pics leaving Netizens whispering.
Malende Feeds on Shamil’s cassava

Sources say that after Shamim winning the MP post with a landslide victory, Shamil got worried that her woman might dump him for another man of her levels since she is now a certified honorable in waiting.

He started tight-marking and putting her on pressure to tell the world that she was seeing someone’s son. Well, his tricked worked! Shamil can now afford to smile.