If you only receive a chapatti and beans from your lover, then you are definitely not as sweet as you think.

The sweet ones always get the big rewards like cars, houses, land titles, and many more big things. Swangz Avenue PRO Jaylor Birungi who also doubles as Azawi’s manager is one of those sweet ones we have in the city.

‘Kawomera’ Jaylor and Swangz Digital Manager Mugerwa Robert at the Record Label’s office located in the Industrial area, Kampala

Early this week, Jaylor was gifted a brand new Mercedez Benz 4Matic registration series UBJ series valued at UGX 150M. Jaylor took to her social media platforms to celebrate the milestone and yes, she was so excited.

The whereabouts of Jaylor’s lover are still a mystery because Swangz Avenue has mastered the game of keeping things away from the public but we shall keep you posted as we keep the hunt in high gear.

Congratulations Jaylor. Keep up the good work in the bedroom.