Bobi Wine’s Armored car….

Bobi Wine must without fail declare his armored Land Cruiser car donation within 30 days, or else it becomes government property! Interesting right?

Bobi's bullet proof car to become gov't property
Bobi’s bullet proof car to become gov’t property

Well, the Inspectorate General of Government (IGG) George Bamugemereire has sent Bobi Wine warning to act accordingly or else he says goodbye to his newly acquired and much treasured wheels.

Last week, Bobi sent his fans all over the world into frenzy when he declared that his caring supporters both in Uganda and in the diaspora had gifted him an armored Big Black Toy

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Security agencies picked interest and started to investigate the circumstances under which the car was transported, procured and cleared to hit the dusty streets of Kampala.

As the investigations are still going on, now IGG Bamugemereire says if a leader fails to or refuses to justify that they are entitled to the donation in question, it becomes government property. Bamugemereire, says that like any leader, Bobi is expected to declare the vehicle, whether it was donated or bought by himself.

IGG sends warning to Bobi Wine over his car
IGG sends warning to Bobi Wine over his car

Bamugemereire adds that Bobi still being a leader of a NUP  like any other leader, he’s expected to periodically declare his wealth, irrespective of how it was acquired.

“People acquire property all the time, you know, and they have many ways – some have businesses. All we require of leaders is that come 31st March, please declare the assets, income and liabilities that you have acquired or assets that you have disposed off…That issue will be an issue after 31st March because all leaders are required to do now is to declare. What assets they acquired and how they got it. So I think that discussion should be conducted in April. If you have any leader in mind, me I don’t any,” said Bamugemereire.

 An internet search shows that an Bobi Wine’s armored Toyota Land Cruiser goes for between $395,000 and $450,000 (about Shs 1.4 billion), depending on the features.

Bobi says his car is bullet proofed
Bobi says his car is bullet proofed

The director, Leadership Code Annet Twine says once a leader gets a donation, that leader is expected to declare it there and then.

“What is provided for under Section 10 of the Leadership Code Act is that every leader, if you receive a gift in the course of your duties, you declare it there and then and they don’t give a time limit. So this leader who continues even to be a leader as the head of a political party is going to fill a declaration up to 31st March. So we’re going to wait until he has submitted his declaration and then we shall see how he explains how he acquired the sources of income. If it is a donation, there is a provision in the form where you declare such property and explain the donation and where it came from. That is not a big issue now until the declaration period ends by 31st March 2021,” said Twine.

Bobi also said that even the bulletproof jacket and ballistic helmets he was wearing during campaigns were bought by his supporters. 

Meanwhile Police has today evening raided Bobi Wine’s home in Magere specifically to impound the car. We don’t know yet whether their mission has succeeded. We shall keep you posted!