A few days ago, singer Cindy Sanyu who is the Vice President of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) was clear about not intending to stand for the presidency post after Ykee Benda stepped down.

In a recent interview with Spark TV, she said she loves having the final say, and as such, she can’t tolerate being a president without powers to make decisions regarding Ugandan musicians.

She has shocked the music industry after she changed her mind and decided to contest for the presidency post.

She is said to have changed her mind after consulting with the board of the association. Cindy also picked the forms and vowed to take up the big office.

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“I’m ready to work with the team to move the association forward. Last time I said I wouldn’t be vying for the post president but the present team is willing to work with me and have no problem with this,” she said.

UMA has had several presidents resigning before the end of their term, but Cindy says she will not let anyone force her to quit.

Cindy noted that she’ll learn from her former superiors and do her job based on what they had gone through.

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“I’m not a quitter because I have been in the industry for 15 years. I know the people before me have quit and I have always been around to witness this. I will learn from their mistakes and correct their fears,” she told journalists.


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