Sheebah and Nina Roz were tight friends but terribly fell out when Nina Roz started singing as an independent musician.

It is reported that the two former best friends no longer see eye to eye because of reasons they are a mystery. However, a close pal to the duo says it is a romantic relationship gone sour.

During a recent interview, Nina Roz said she tried to reach out, but the TNS star doesn’t pick her calls on top of blue ticking her WhatsApp messages. “I loved and still love Sheebah.  We were good friends before I joined the music industry. I used to promote and play her music, but she chose to become my enemy when I joined the industry. We no longer talk because she stopped picking my calls and responding to my WhatsApp messages,” she said in an interview.

Nina Roz and her newly found love Daddy Andre

Nina Roz emphasized that she will not give up on mending her broken relationship with Sheebah

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