Bebe Cool has come out and heavily criticized the government he so dearly loves.

Controversial as he has always been, celebrated local singer Moses Ssali popularly known as Big size Bebe Cool came out yesterday and expressed his disappointment at the way government failed to put in place special exams to cater for the under-20 footballers that missed the the just concluded senior four UNEB exams.

Bebe Cool’s argument rotates on the bearing that since these kids including his beloved son Alpha  missed the exams while representing Uganda at the under-20 AFCON tournament, UNEB should have designed a separate  time table to cater for their absentia .

In his now viral outburst making round on social media Bebe Cool goes ahead to show how government has failed to give jobs to millions of  graduates.

The talented musician also shows how parents have now days turned to sports and music to brighten the future of their kids but instead the government has failed to put in place policies to  enable such talented thrive.

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”Really big disappointment with the Uganda government and the Ministry of Education and Sports in particular on how they have handled the issue of missing Senior Four (S4) final exams by the young talented football players who have been/are on continental duty with the U-20 and U-17 Uganda National teams” Bebe Cool said

The seemingly disappointed musician went ahead to suggest that UNEB should put in place a special program for all kids who missed the 2021 S.4 exams while representing Uganda in the U-20 AFCON tournament. ”I call upon the Minister of Education to review this issue urgently.Call the parents of the involved children and forge a way forward so that next time this happens, there’s a sort of program to support national team players and by this our players won’t lose out on education” Bebe posted on his Facebook page.

After analyzing Bebe’s some what strong argument it goes with out a doubt that he has a valid point but the timing and circumstance under which he brought it up only portrays him as selfish Ugandan trying to fight for his son not to miss S4 exams rather than a genuine suggestion to influence policy change.

Why am i saying this. Over the years we have heard many talented Kids/Ugandans miss out on sitting important exams (both at secondary and University level) simply because they had to represent Uganda in big international tournaments. During all these years of people missing out on important Exams, there was no single Ugandan (Bebe Cool inclusive) that has ever come out to ask for Policy change in regards to the UNEB time table.

Since the policy has been affecting Ugandans for over 50 years and no one has been complaining about it only makes Bebe Cool a selfish person who only makes noise when his own blood is swallowed up by the system.

In Economics we have something called opportunity cost which literally means an alternative that is foregone when a choice is made. Bebe Cool made a choice that his would represent Uganda at the Under-20 AFCONS and that choice comes with a sacrifice and in this case the sacrifice was missing out on the exams. We can’t afford to bend the entire system just because some people think of themselves to be over and above the education laws.