Muzzinyi Mr. Henrie has once again confirmed that he fell head over heels for Geosteady’s baby mama, Prima Kardashi.

Yes am the one chewing Prima Kardash, Her Sumbie is Juicy"- Galaxy FM's Mr  Henry | Blizz Uganda
Henrie confirms he is in love with Prima Kardarsh

Henrie started chewing Prima Kardashi’s bearded meat soon after she broke up with R n B star Geosteady. When their romp became a public secret, netizens started pinning the Galaxy FM Mid-morning Tukoone presenter of duping Prima with ‘Fake love’ so he can detooth her.

Many of them to date still believe that the dread-locked media personality is a smart wire who is using his Zzina skills and boneless muscle to hit Prima’s cookie and leave her dead-broke.

However in a latest interview with Spark TV, Mr. Henrie rubbishes the allegations, claiming that he also has enough dime on him since he works and get paid handsomely.

Mr. Henrie denies loving Prima because her money
Mr. Henrie denies loving Prima because her money

” our relationship started as a mere friendship that’s why we have chemistry in whatever we do…”, he explained before adding;

“I don’t love Prima because of her money. Look i have a good paying job…am a radio presenter working with Galaxy FM and my bosses pay me very well! I have my functioning companies bring in money…I have a PR firm and my social media pages that i you to market and on top of that i have very endorsements with big cooperate companies. So me as a person am not doing badly monetary wise” Henrie added before Prima chipped in to help her boyfriend.

“…me too am broke and still hustling with my businesses like a woman. I cannot do my businesses alone, I need a man so we can help each other to grow”, She said.

Prima also denied being a fan of domestic violence like Geosteady claimed.

Initially, Geosteady real names George William Kigozi told who ever cared to listen how Prima had turned him into a punching bag. He claimed that she used to beat him in front of the kids.