Katsha De’bank claims he is not given respect because he is an illiterate…

South African based showy tycoon Shafique Katumba alias Katsha De’bank claims he is underrated and not accorded respect he truly deserves because he is an academic dwarf.

Katsha De’bank claims he is underrated coz he has no degree

Katsha cries foul as he reveals that if he had completed University with a bachelors degree he would be ranked and his name mentioned among Philanthropists on the continent. Taking to his official page, he further bragged about employing hundreds of degree holders. He also showed off his expensive sleek rides and named his businesses and investments that people didn’t know about.

Katsha De’bank brags about employing over 100 of degree holders
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“A good idea made me a billionaire before the age of 30. Am Turning 33 In May.I have more than 15 Investment cars, More than 50 businesses, More than 100 apartments in South Africa and Uganda, more than 10 houses. I own a technology IT company which employs more than 100 graduates, I come from one of the Poorest countries in the world. Am underRated because I have no Degree, but I employ many with degrees.”, he posted

What you may need to know about his early life;

Katsha shows off his investments

Katsha De’bank is the second born to Mrs. Monica Kabali and the late Al Haji Nasri Sekitoreko.

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Katsha De’bank completed his primary school education from Catherine Primary School and was the only student in the Kayunga district to get a Distinction (D1) in Mathematics in Kangulumira in the year 2002.

After completing his primary education, Katsha then proceeded to completing his high school education at Yale High School in Kayunga around 2003, but later completed his High school at Saint Pontiano Ngondwe Senior Secondary School around 2006.

In addition to all of that, Shafique Katumba is also the founder as well as the owner of Worlhost.com, Thekatshafoundation.org and Katschetechgroup.com. These are a couple of many projects which Shafique Katumba is running.