Bobi Wine Arrested Like Chicken Thief

There was drama and chaos in Kampala on Monday afternoon after a swarm of police cops busted a peaceful protest by the National unity platform boss Bobi wine.

NUP strongman Bobi wine was swiftly arrested by police cops in the city center, alongside his comrades, and whisked off to an unknown destination.

Bobi wine and other NUP leaders including MP’s this morning stormed the city square with plack cards protesting the unfairness of the regime.

Bobi Wine Arrested Like Chicken Thief

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As usual,his presence attracted a crowd of his supporters to rally behind him in solidarity ,prompting police action.

A swarm of police cops soon caught up with them and bundled them onto their track before fleeing at a high speed.

Bobi’s arrest in the link below

During a live address, Sunday evening, on Facebook to at least 23,000 people Bobi asked his supporters to peacefully protest.

He noted that they had gone to the elections to seek change but the process was marred with lawlessness, brutality, and violence .

He added that they rightfully won by 54%, but the courts were biased looking at the way the judges were behaving. 

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Bobi says that articles 3 and 29 of the constitution gives Ugandans the right to protest peacefully

However,security forces have warned him to desist from inciting the public to participate in such actvity.

Lat week police mouth piece Fred Enanga warned Bobi and his supporters not to engage in protests .

Enanga also told Bobi to first seek permission by following the Public Order Management Act before he can be allowed to protest.

Article 29 of the constitution guarantees the freedom to assemble and to demonstrate together with others peacefully and unarmed and to petition, while article 3 says that every Ugandan has a right and duty to defend the constitution if any person tries to destabilize the constitutional order.