Chosen Becky’s rare persona has always cut a controversial figure.

Celebrated local singer Kukiriza Rebecca popularly known as Chosen Becky has taken to her official Instagram account and thanked South African based socialite Zari Hassan for promoting and pushing her song famous ”Nkubuzeko’ on social media.

Chosen Becky

Chosen Becky’s overwhelming gratitude towards Zari came after the self made business woman recorded herself dancing to Becky’s Afro pop jam.

Chosen Becky

As a way of sharing the good vibes generated from the song, Zari later shared the clip on her official Instagram stories and even went ahead to tag Chosen Becky for the good works done.

Zari Hassan

‘Massive Tune @Becky’ Zari captioned the clip she posted on her Instagram stories.

Zari Hassan

On seeing the special big ups and good words of encouragement from the boss lady, the Bankuza Hit maker couldn’t hide her excitement and as a result made a full post thanking Zari for endorsing her new song.


”Abaange woowee yaaye yiyiii Katonda wange munange your majesty @zarithebosslady what have you done to the village girl ?!however happy I’ve ever been in life , this is extremely killing me to the extent that am just crying …. am just crying i have no words …. oba njogele ki nze Rebecca waabwe yii Mukama” Chosen posted thanking Zari

Becky Chosen

To keep the love flowing on Instagram Zari too replied the post admitting how Becky’s song is a beautiful one, ”This is a beautiful song my fellow Queen… you nailed it, love it”

Chosen Becky

Well we can understand where Becky’s excitement comes from. Zari is big influencer that has a following of over 8 million people on Instagram. Posting your song on such a massive platform means over 8 millions eye balls will seen and hear your song in just a day.

We would like to therefore thank the boss lady for helping push Ugandan artists to countries where it would be hard for them to break out