Latest info reaching us indicate that MC Kats woman, Ntaborwa Faith survived a thorough beating after shamelessly stealing a phone from a hairdressing salon. Strange and shocking right?

Ntaborwa Faith stole a phone from salon

Well to those who might have forgotten Ntaborwa Faith let us first remind you small small. In 2019 Faith sent Netizens into frenzy when she recorded Kats after bonking him to pulp and she went ahead to share them on social media. Okay now that you have remembered her, here is the story.

According to the client who identified herself as Bridget Ndayiramya, MC Kats woman, Ntaborwa came to the salon where she was being worked upon and asked her to charge her phone close to where her’s was charging.

Apparently after realizing that no one was noticing her motive, Ntaborwa picked the phones, sneaked out of the salon and disappeared like a ghost in the near tall grass.

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Faith sneaked out of the Salon with the phone and disappeared

Bridget realized later that her phone was missing from where she had left it. Now in panic mode, she tried dialing her digits countless times but it had been already switched off and the Sim card probably dumped.

Bridget’s sixth sense signaled her that her phone could have been stolen by Ntaborwa. She was told to return to the salon for interrogations but she swore in Jesus name and denied making off with the mobile.

However Police intervened, Faith Nataborwa she pleaded guilty of stealing Bridget’s mobile phone and spent a night behind bars.

But after being granted bail, she denied the accusations stating that all the allegations were doctored by MC Kats.

She also promised to do a live interview immediately she gets out of rehab where she is currently receiving treatment from.