KIM Kardashian hoped her bombshell divorce filing would shock Kanye West into changing his ways and fixing their marriage.

Kim hoped her bombshell divorce filing would shock Kanye West

But the plan backfired as Kanye doesn’t appear to care and “basically rolled his eyes” – and now the couple are at a standstill as to who makes the next move, the insider added.

Kim , 40, filed for divorce last month after six years of marriage and is seeking joint custody of their four kids.

However, friends claim Kim never wanted her marriage to end and hoped that filing for divorce would “shock” Kanye  into making changes in his lifestyle and become the husband she wanted him to be.

But that plan has backfired as Kanye has had very little reaction to the divorce, an insider claimed.

Kim Kardashian loves Kanye and her divorce plan backfired

A source told The Sun: “Kim Kardashian loves Kanye and her plan to turn things around by filing for divorce has backfired.

She had visions of the news breaking and Kanye would in turn have a reality check, yet instead he basically rolled his eyes. Filing for divorce was incredibly difficult for Kim.

She felt this huge gesture and move on her part would make Kanye turn his life around, but unfortunately, it hasn’t. So now Kim and Kanye are in a standoff over the next move. Those closest to them say neither of them is willing to give an inch.

Kanye wants to live his life on his terms and at this point is ok with whatever happens now. He will not bend to Kim’s wishes, he just isn’t willing. Kim had high hopes Kanye would realize this divorce would mean KIMYE was no longer. That he would realize they would lose themselves as a brand, something they had spent years building together.

She literally has been awaiting this huge apology and some promises he would change to make it work but instead, he has stood his ground. Kanye seems to have had very little reaction to Kim filing for divorce. In fact, he’s just focusing on work and his new music. Kris’s push to help fix the marriage also had no bearing on Kanye and in fact possibly made things worse.

The stress has been unbelievably difficult and it’s even been hard for her to eat. As always Kim looks amazing and has been posting many beautiful shots on social media to get his attention but it’s had no effect. Every day she’s waited for a sign, something that would mean ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I’m willing to change’. Instead, Kim’s finally beginning to feel it doesn’t matter what she says, or how beautiful she is, or what an incredible mother she is, Kanye isn’t willing to change and her plan has definitely failed.

This last year of their marriage has been terribly challenging, and this move which was meant to be an eye opener for Kanye has instead been an eye opener for Kim. Once again, she’s trying to come to terms with the fact that it’s over”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star made her first public appearance since filing for divorce on Saturday at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Kim got her divorce plan backfire

The day before, Kim Kardashian posed in a bikini and offered her fans a bit of advice and encouraged them to “focus on you .”

On Thursday, Kim threw a “pizza party” with her daughter North and son Saint, choosing to focus on her kids amid claims that Kanye has blocked off contact with her.

He has reportedly changed all of his phone numbers and is forcing Kim to speak to him through his security team.