A video of Tanzania’s Prophet prophesying a tragedy at the country’s State House has emerged days after President John Pombe Magufuli was pronounced dead.

The late John Pombe Magufuli

The preacher, Prophet Rolinga, of Omega Ministry Church of all Nations, in his prophecy, claimed God had shown him that high profile people will die in the months of January, February and March.

In a 4.42 minutes video that premiered on YouTube on Thursday, March 18, Rolinga said the Holy Spirit directed him to concentrate more on praying for the country’s State House.

“While I was praying for the nation which consists of the judiciary, the executive and the legislator, the Holy Spirit told me to concentrate more on praying for the State House,” said Rolinga.

Prophet Rolinga prophesied Magufuli’s death

The man of God further warned of an impending strike which he insisted will attack the country from its top leadership.

He wished his divination to reach relevant authorities for actions to be taken before it was too late.
The man of the clothe in his sermon finally took the Tanzanian flag dummy, adjusted it to half-mast saying, it was what was going to be seen after a short time.