Tanzanian News Paper Announces The Death Of New Tz President Samia Suhulu

Tanzanian newspaper has apologized for erroneously publishing an advertisement mourning the country’s new president, Samia Suluhu Hassan.

The advert had been sponsored by the country’s State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) and was published in one of the country’s newspapers identified as Daily News.

According to an apology statement made by the managing editor of Tanzania Standard Newspapers on Monday, March 29, the advert was meant to congratulate Samia for being sworn in as the country’s sixth head of state.

“The State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) advert that appeared in Daily News of today Monday, March 29, was inadvertently inserted the death of Samia Suluhu instead of congratulating her for being sworn in as the sixth president,” read the apology in part.

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On 19th March 2021 , Samia Suluhu opened a new chapter of leadership in Tanzania as she became the first-ever female president taking Office following the demise of renown disciplinarian John Pome Magufuli.

The inauguration of Samia was witnessed by members of the cabinet and former presidents at the statehouse in Dar es Salaam.

The 61-year-old Hassan was Magufuli’s vice president, first elected with him in 2015 and re-elected last year.  She will serve out the remaining four years of the late Magufuli’s term, which ends in October 2025.

Some Tanzanian citizens say Hassan’s new leadership could bring about positive changes to the country..

“We are praying [for] the best to her,” Joseph Aboubakar, who lives in Dar es Salaam, told a local news out let . “Our mother has already taken the country’s leadership and we believe she will lead the country in a good direction.”

Aboubakar added that Hassan is not new to leadership, as she has been in a top position for more than five years.

Magufuli was buried last Thursday at his home in Chato, in the northwestern region of Geita.