Wasafi signee Zuchu has addressed rumors regarding her career and new music with her boss Diamond Platnumz.

Zuchu clears on dating Diamond Platnumz

Zuchu was signed by Diamond’s record label Wasafi Records this year, and she has since found herself trending for the wrong reasons.

In an interview with Wasafi media, Zuchu denied rumours she is sleeping with her boss, and that it is the reason he ditched his baby mama Tanasha Donna.

She said her relationship with Diamond is work-based and once outside the studio, Diamond becomes her big brother. It has never been sexual.

Zuchu denies serving her Sukari to Diamond Platnumz

“People don’t understand my relationship with my boss, I still fear him but people think we are together because of the pictures we take together. But I have set boundaries with him, I can’t even share personal information with him. Ukaribu wangu na boss wangu Diamond Platnumz ni kwa ajili ya kazi, anatumia muda mwingi kunipromote”, she said before adding.

“Hajawahi hata kunionyesha dalili za kunitaka, he is like a brother to me. Ni ngumu sana kucheza vile na mtu ambae unamuheshimu. Lakini nashukuru Boss Sallam SK alisaidia kunifanya niwe comfortable.”

Zuchu has done several songs with Diamond, including ‘Cheche’, which has been pulled down from YouTube due to copyright issues.

Tanasha had claimed Zuchu stole her lyrics.

Tanasha had claimed Zuchu stole her lyrics.

Zuchu, however, said she did the song in Spanish not to keep up with Tanasha but rather the beat drove her into that direction.

“Idea ya kuimba kihispania ilikuja baada ya kusikiliza beat la wimbo wa ‘Cheche’. Sikumuiga Tanasha,” she said.

Meanwhile she has a sensational single titled Sukari which has since ruled African airwaves.

She explains Sukari is a love song “that talks about how love is too sweet like Sugar that you cant get enough of it!”.

Check it out below;