Full list of Consumer Choice Awards 2021 has been released by the Organisers

Consumers Choice Awards 2020/2021 established with the sole purpose of recognizing business excellence for businesses took place last evening at Golf Course Hotel and here we have the complete list of all Award Winners.

Attended by Amelia Kyambadde as the Guest of Honor, the Consumers Choice Awards were a success as the only organization in Uganda to recognize business excellence by conducting statistically a comprehensive and objective accurate independent market research survey, to determine brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and business excellence for the quality of their service, value, professionalism, and integrity.

You can’t easily win a consumer’s choice award by just completing an entry form or writing a submission. You must be voted by consumers across Uganda and last evening the winners were awarded.

Below is the Full List of all Winners:

CategoryAwardCompany Name
Best Freight Forwarding & Logistics Handling Services CompanyPlatinum WinnerBollore
Golden Winner 
Best Distributors & Dealers of Tyres & TubesPlatinum WinnerCity Tyres
Golden WinnerTyre Express( U) Ltd
Best Comercial and Development BankPlatinum WinnerStanbic Bank
Golden WinnerBank of Africa
Best Micro-Finance InstitutionPlatinum WinnerPride Microfinance
Golden Winner 
Best Courier Service CompanyPlatinum WinnerDHL
Golden WinnerARAMEX
Best Real Estates Consultants and Developers CompanyPlatinum WinnerBageine and Company Ltd
Golden WinnerSema Properties
Best Private UniversityPlatinum WinnerInternational University of East Africa
Golden WinnerCavendish University
Best Cement ManufacturersPlatinum Winner 
Golden WinnerKampala Cement
Best Dealers of Used Cars and Auto-partsPlatinum Winner 
Golden Winner 
Best Manufacturers of paints and VarnishesPlatinum WinnerPlascon Paints
Golden WinnerGlobal Paints
Best Provider of Security Solutions and ServicesPlatinum WinnerSGA
Golden Winner 
Best Private Healthcare Service ProviderPlatinum WinnerCase Hospital
Golden WinnerParagon Hospital
Best Providers of Cleaning and Garbage Collector CompanyPlatinum Winner 
Golden Winner 
Best Executive Cleaning Services CompanyPlatinum WinnerA&M Cleaning Services
Golden Winner 
Best Providers of Quality Optical and Eye-care ServicesPlatinum WinnerDr. Agarwals Eye Hospital
Golden WinnerEyecare Centre
Best Dealers in furniture, fitting and general furnishingPlatinum WinnerDanube Home
Golden WinnerDogtas
Providers of solar energy equipment and AccessoriesPlatinum WinnerSolar Now
Golden WinnerM-Kopa Solar
Best Cooking Gas DistributorPlatinum WinnerStabex Gas
Golden WinnerHass Gas
Best Dealers of Electrical Appliances, Accessories and FittingsPlatinum WinnerKampala Electric Mart (CHINT)
Golden Winner 
Best Bottled WaterPlatinum WinnerRwenzori
Golden WinnerHill Water
Best Dealers and Manufactures of TilesPlatinum Winner 
Golden WinnerMirage Trading Company
Best Snack Manufactures and BrandsPlatinum WinnerGreat Lakes Brands (Gorillos)
Golden WinnerSnack Attack
Best Online StoresPlatinum WinnerJumia Online
Golden WinnerKikuuboOnline
Best Dental Treatment and Solutions CenterPlatinum WinnerPan Dental Surgery
Golden WinnerCureosity Healthcare center
Best Poultry and Animal FeedsPlatinum WinnerKukuChick
Golden WinnerBiyinzika Poultry
Best Cooking Oil CompanyPlatinum WinnerSunSeed (Mukwano)
Gold WinnerFortune Cooking Oil(BIDCO)
Best Producer of Milk and Dairy productsPlatinum WinnerJesa Farm dairy
Gold Winner 
Best Washing DetergentPlatinum WinnerMagic Deterget(BIDCO)
Gold WinnerAriel (Kiboko Enterprise)
Best Energy DrinksPlatinum WinnerRock Boom (Hariss International)
Gold WinenerSting
Best Women and Fertility HospitalsPlatinum WinnerBethany Women’s Hospital
Gold WinnerParagon Hospital
Best Insurance CompanyPlatinum Winner 
Gold Winner 
Best Meat Processor CompanyPlatinum WinnerFresh Cuts
Gold WinnerFarmers Choice
Best Shopping SupermarketPlatinum WinenrCapital Shoppers
Gold WinnerCarrefour Uganda
Best Pay TVPlatinum WinnerStarTimes
Gold Winner 
Best Dealers in Domestic and Industrial Building MaterialPlatinum WinnerMultiple Industries
Gold Winner 
Best Petroleum CompanyPlatinum WinnerHass Petroleum
Gold WinnerStabex Petroleum
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