Frank Gashumba has faced netizens’ wrath after sharing a video of fallen Archbishop, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga’s lifeless body in a casket on his Facebook page.

Frank Gashumba faces netizens' wrath
Frank Gashumba faces netizens’ wrath

Frank Gashumba, a staunch catholic has taken to social media and posted a click of about 1 minute and captioned it;

“Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga obadde mulwanirizi w’abanyigirizibwa, ateerya ntama era atumbudde essaza mu myaka 15 gy’olikulembedde.Wummula mirembe okutuusa lwe tulisisinkana!RIP”.

Screenshot of Frank Gashumba’s post
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But a huge section of his fans and followers have not been impressed at with Gashumba’s action. They have since taken to the comment section to attack and bash him for ‘acting ignorantly’.

Raymond Soulfa aka Peng Peng a renown Bobi Wine fan punched holes in Gashumba;

“Naye Gashumba gwemanyi tasobola koola kino kuba kiwebula ekitibwa kyasabasumba Ne family ye kansubire eno fake account otherwise as a proud Catholic bino byakisuru Bikolebwa banonya likes.Enkola eno eyokuba emilambo ebifananyi oba yatandikadi?”, he commented

Mwanje Sam followed suit;

“Naye ABAVADAMWE mwetaga goba kati laba kyokoze”.

Reacheal Carey also questioned Gashumba’s intelligence levels;

“Bulijo manyi otegera.. Hw cld yuh post such video… Otukakanse nga bwe yafunde.. Buli omu amanyi tekyetaginsa post…..”

Hannah Seatedinheavenlyplaces expressed her disappointment;

“Why bring a coffin on social media. We all know sabasumba is resting in glory. Just let him be”

Muyanja Samuel reminded him how he yapped when people shared pics of Radio’s body;

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I remember wen Moze Radio died, u (Frank Gashumba) condemned posting his body. Then y r u doing the same?

Doreen Kennish also commented;

“Okay. This is so creepy! Is this video intended to confirm that the man of God is dead? Co we already know he’s dead. May He Rest in Eternal Peace. But why take this video really? And why do you keep zooming in his face? This is crazy! I hope you didn’t take a selfie with him too”.

Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga was pronounced dead on 3rd of April
Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga was pronounced dead on 3rd of April

Andrew Mwesigwa Kaddu bashed;

“Naye why dnt u pipo respect e dead??????cnt u pass on yo msg minus posting his remains…????Oba mwayoka buto instead of milk????”.

Andaman Daku summed up;

“YOU never posted him alive ! But when his dead! Very sad. I didn’t expect you to post this kind of video Mr. Gashumba.. Rip kizito lwanga”.

Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga was pronounced dead on Saturday 3rd of April. He was reportedly found dead in his house this morning. He died at the age of 63.