Zari Hassan, a Ugandan socialite, is smitten with her new well- built beau and can’ t stop bragging about their wonderful adventures.

Zari, who has dated a number of men over the years, seems to have finally met someone she adores, based on how much she talks about him on social media.

Zari, who resides in South Africa, took to Instagram to show the world that she is booked, busy, and taken by posting a picture of her unnamed bae. The Ugandan beauty and her dark stallion wore matching white outfits and smiled from ear to ear as they posed. The 40- year- new old’ s catch is obsessed with every detail about his new girlfriend, according to most people. When it’ s picture time, he adores the way Zari beams and holds her back.

A video of the couple showing their love for each other during a recent fancy yacht getaway in Cape Town, South Africa, has gone viral on social media. At one end of the sailboat, the couple could be seen standing in each other’ s arms, speaking in low voices, with Zari laughing hysterically.

Music was playing in the background, but the two seemed to be in their own world as they clung to each other, Zari resting her head on her man’ s chest.

From images posted on Instagram by the mother of five, it was clear that her children were having a good time on the cruise, as they dressed up in their best vacation outfits.

In her caption, Zari prayed for more years together with her children so as to make more beautiful memories. Zari is the ex lover of Diamond Platinumz and together they have two kids who they co- parent together