Broke Mzungu Chased Out Of Gaba-Kansanga Taxi As She’s Found Of ‘Gasing’ For Passengers.

If there is any group of people who don’t mess around when it comes to doing their job, then Ugandan Taxi conductors rank highest when it comes to executing their roles with fun and passion.

You have probably heard a number of stories where people especially ladies complain about the way Taxi conductors mistreat passengers en route destinations they are meant to be dropped passenger service vehicles.

It is said that these funny crooks can even tell you buy your own car the moment you complain about the way the taxi is being driven. Infact it is alleged that when you enter a Taxi, you either follow the rules set by the conductor or collect your bones and move out. There is no room for negotiation. It is as simple as that.

Some passengers have gone on to tell stories of how these mean conductors will blame you for giving them a 50K note on exit yet you had all the time in the world to get change at the beginning of the journey. ”Gwe Muwala Oyagale tutegere nga bwoli binojo. Kati Laba bwo wuba obukono naketano” a common line aired out by conductors upon giving them a 50k note

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This same kind of meanness was witnessed yesterday afternoon when a seemingly humble Mzungu woman was chased out of a Taxi for allegedly gassing for passenger.

The Taxi which was headed to Kampala business area from Ggaba suddenly stopped at Comrade bar in Knasanga. As onlookers thought the conductor was opneniong for some passengers to get out, he instead bundled the white lady and threw him out of the Taxi and said ‘Genda ofuuwire muyiyo’ literally meaning ‘Go and gas in your car’ Broke

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