Singer Desire Luzinda has always expressed her inner fears and worries about the world her daughter Mitchelle is growing in.

Desire Luzinda worried about daughter Mitchelle

In fact she penned down a lengthy post on her social media platform about the same issue. In her post she said;

“Girls go through a plethora of trials every day. Girls in the music business are sexually harassed. Girls in offices are forced to sleep with men if they’re to get a promotion or pay rise. Girls are discontinued from school when they get pregnant. It’s a tough world this is for the girl child“, she expressed self before revealing how she went through hell during school.

“Let me tell you briefly a story of my own. In 2003, I got pregnant while I was still in school. I was in a candidate class. It wasn’t the best time to carry a baby but I resolved to let the bun grow in my womb. As my tummy grew, some classmates ridiculed me. They called me names. Others treated me like an outcast. Only two friends stood by me. Only them allowed to carry the ‘shame’ of associating with me.”, she narrated before adding;

Desire Luzinda acknowledges the fact that Mitchelle is soon turning 18

“At four months I was forced to leave school and study from home. School environment had become toxic. Yet the school administration was tolerant and supportive, the students, my contemporaries were not. I hated them then, but not now that I have grown. After giving birth, I was worried of how life would turn out for me. I was also worried about my child’s welfare. The things I worried about; food, clothes, school fees, and milk.
These days, I worry less about the food she will eat. I am mostly concerned about the world she is growing up in.
That’s why I launched the Girls and Goals campaign. Creating a safe place for my daughter and every girl across the nation is one of my core missions. I have something started to address the various issues, my plea is that you get on aboard”
, she concluded.

Now she obviously doesn’t her only daughter go through the same hell. Since Mitchell is soon making it 18, the official harvesting age for babes in Uganda, Desire Luzinda sat her down and had a chat about teenage dating.

She gathered confidence and asked her; “Do you have a boyfriend….?” And guess what? Mitchell’s response was fishy!

Below is the full video, check it out!