Fire Destroys Condoms

A fast spreading fire has on Friday afternoon gutted ware houses on 5th street, Industrial Area, Kampala .

According to sources, the fire is said to have started from a warehouse owned by Joint Medical Stores after wielding what was going on inside went wrong. Someone in the neighboring warehouse was welding leading to the fire.

Joint Medical Stores Ware house Picture By Rashidah Nakaayi

According to witnesses at the scene, the ravaging fire destroyed property worth billions of shillings from the JMS including several packs of condoms, mosquito nets, hospital beds among others.

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The Executive Director Joint Medical Stores Bildard Baguma says they lost equipment that includes ICU beds and medicines and they are yet to establish the specific figure .

Police have rushed to the scene with fire brigade and is currently trying to put out the hot flames that have left little or nothing safe.

Fire Destroys Condoms

police Fire Brigade Picture By Rashidah Naakayi

Police have confirmed that property worth 7 billion shillings was damaged after Blue Band, condoms, medicines, and Tv’s Mi-Tech electronics among others were destroyed.

Joseph Mugisha the director of fire and rescue says police have tried to quell the fire although damage has already been done to warehouses.

Joseph Mugisha Head Fire and Rescue Team Photo Credit Rashidah Nakaayi

He says the incident commander 1st showed up with his team to try and stop the fire but was forced to call for help after they run out of hydrants to fight the fire.

He adds that it has taken the joint effort of both Police and the locals to reduce the flames.

Photo Credit Rashidah Naakayi

The vicious flames then spread to Blue Band and Mi-Tech electronics , other warehouses that were gutted by fire were being used by Keshwala Group Distributors, Sawan Distributors and AJP Printing Services, Star Pharmaceuticals Limited, and Mi-Tech Electronics.on 5th street, Industrial Area, Kampala .

The cause of fire is still not confirmed by police ,however investigations have started.