DMX net worth revealed…

DMX, the rapper who grew into fame through his energetic rapping style paired with growls, is dead. The Grammy-nominated performer had been on life support at a hospital in White Plains, New York, after allegedly suffering a catastrophic cardiac arrest on 2nd April 2021.

DMX Rapper Net Worth

Prior to his death, he had been in a coma and was on life support. Speaking about his death, his family honored him for being a warrior who fought to the end.

They also remembered him for how much he loved his family and the memories they created when he was alive.

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DMX net worth: DMX (aka Earl Simmons), a deceased New York-born actor and rapper who has had a net worth of negative $10 million dollars. DMX was born on December 18, 1970 in Mount Vernon, New York.

In late July 2013, DMX filed for bankruptcy

He was raised in Yonkers, NY. DMX became famous as a rap artist in the 90s. One of his most popular and biggest hit singles was 1999’s “Party Up (Up in Here)” from the album, “…And Then There Was X”. In total, DMX released seven studio albums since his 1998 debut “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot”. That album sold more than five million copies. During his career, DMX has sold over thirty million albums worldwide to date.

He also has starred in, or played supporting roles, in eight films and released his autobiography, entitled, “E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX” in 2002.

In late July 2013, DMX filed for bankruptcy in a Manhattan court. In his filing, DMX claimed to have roughly $50,000 in assets and somewhere between $1 million and $10 million worth of debt to various creditors. His debts included $1.24 million in child support.

In 2017, he was charged with tax fraud

DMX’s attorney released a statement that explained his debts had restricted the rapper from obtaining a passport for many years. DMX hoped to be able to restructure his debts so he could begin performing overseas again, where he still had an active fan base.

How did DMX lose his money?

In 2017, he was charged with tax fraud, and despite spending a year in prison, he stilled owed IRS $2.3 million. At the time of his death, DMX net worth was approximately -$1 million. The details about DMX net worth highlight how much the rapper struggled. From having a troubled childhood to being involved with several women and being forced to pay child support while struggling with drugs, he had a lot to deal with. However, his legacy lives through his music.