A student believed to be in her early 20’s has taken to social media to reveal her intention of wanting to snatch her younger sister’s husband because she has strong feelings towards him.

The student who asked for people’s opinions on the matter said that she has been with her sister’s husband for a very long time but they couldn’t marry because they were of the same age.

The brother-in-law then proceed to get married to her younger sister.

The young lady revealed on Facebook that her only prayer is that her brother-in-law will divorce her younger sister so that she can marry him.

“Physically strong, both in bed and money. Now, he regrets his mistake and he wants me to be his second wife. But I also do not want to be a second wife.

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What I want him to do, is to divorce his wife, my junior sister which he has refused to do because of what people will say. Still, the man wants to be with me, but the obstacle is my sister.“, her post on Facebook reads.