Oil Deal With Tanzania

President Museveni says he decided to work with the Tanzanian government in the crude oil pipeline agreement because the country under the rule of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere played a role in liberating Uganda.

Uganda and Tanzania have signed the East African Crude Oil Pipeline agreement that will see Uganda exporting crude oil. 

The agreements were signed on Sunday between the government of Uganda and Tanzania, oil companies’ CNOOC, and Total.

They include a Host Government agreement and the Tariff and Transportation agreement.

Speaking after the signing of the agreement that is over $10billion, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, said that he chose to work with Tanzania because of its historical contribution towards Uganda.

Museveni said Tanzania played a key role in eliminating Idi Amin dada’s 1978-1979 war and 1985-86.

He adds that When the route of Tanganyika became more visible to him, he decided to give back to Tanzania.

”A new consideration entered my mind, the historical role of Tanzania in the liberation of Uganda in both 1978-79 and 1986-86, on these 2 occasions, Mwalimu Nyerere played a very important role, in the 1978-79 war TPDF played the major role in removing Iddi Amin from power, In 1985-86 he gave us 5000 rifles at the right time, just before the assault on Kampala that started on the 17th January 1986 am therefore satisfied that the project will be a modest contribution to the people of Tanzania”he stated.

Museveni says he chose April 11 as the new date to sign the agreement, because it was the same day in 1979 when the Tanzanian army launched the assault on Kampala and deposed President Idi Amin.

Oil Deal With Tanzania

This signals the start of the construction of the pipeline that will transport Uganda’s oil from Hoima to the port of Tanga.

Samia Hassan Suluhu, the President of the United Republic of Tanzania said in the region grappling with unemployment, the pipeline will create a number of jobs especially for the young people.  

The construction of the pipeline is expected to take four years for the oil to start flowing.

This will be the longest heated crude oil pipeline line in the world.