Slay Queens vow to teach Akon’s wife a lesson for denying them a chance to bonk her hubby.

Earlier this year, American superstar’s wife Rozina Negusei flew in to do a pilot study about the possibilities and opportunities in Uganda.

The goal was to asses whether Uganda is ready for the Akon City.

A few days, the couple jetted into the country to finalize the deal. They met top decision-makers including President Yoweri Museveni.

However, Negusei has been by Akon’s side since his arrival in the country, handling some of his deals

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Several slay queens who had been hoping the Senegalese-born American RnB singer would “invest” in them with top dollars and probably a baby but all has been in vain hence resorting to silently cursing Rozina Negusei for “super-gluing” on the Lonely singer,

Akon and Wife in the beautiful wild

The claim she is standing in the way of Akon’s investment in their more salacious business.

“She’s even short like a pin,” one posted on Facebook. “Why can’t she behave like Tomeka Thiam, Rachel Ritfeld and Tricia Anna who are enjoying their shares from wherever without having to come and superglue on Akon in our face?”

Thiam, Ritfeld and Anna are said to be Akon’s wives or girlfriends too. “That man loves Uganda and he knows what we got here but that tiny thing she came with has messed up all our chances,” another slayer queen claimed.