Couple Fights On their special Wedding Day…

A wedding should be fun and full of dancing and love, but not for these couples. A certain picture of a newly married couple was shared on Twitter congratulating the couple on their marriage. Unfortunately, as you know Twitter, had to drag the couple through the mud.

Motheo, the bride made a remark about how the groom’s blazer was stressing her out. They noticed the blazer was too heavy, and it was causing a lot of confusion with the bride’s gown.

Despite the fact that they had coordinated their looks, the groom’s blazer had ruined the look. Couple Fights On Wedding Day -Here’s what Happened

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Perhaps the Bride did not inspect her husband’s blazer during the fitting; if she had, she would have found what was missing from that dress.

It may also be that they didn’t have enough time after they picked it up from the tailor, but either way, it’s too large.

This must be a lesson to all of us, when we do get married let’s just check on our partner’s outfits. There’s a saying “it’s bad luck to see your bride before the wedding. Well, That’s just a myth. I guess it’s important to check on your spouse before the wedding after all to avoid any sort of embarrassment..