Alex Mukulu Calls Out Ghetto Kid Dancers For Smelling Like He-Goats Live On TV Show

Celebrated Ugandan play writer and renown TV judge Alex Mukulu has come under fire for publicly watering down Kids’ confidence during a live TV talent search show.

Alex Mukulu who features as the main judge in the ‘Yolesa Ekitone’ Talent search show that airs on BBS TV every week can be seen in a live recorded clip telling off young kids how they made the entire panel of judges uncomfortable by turning up for the competition smelling like He-goats.

”The truth of the matter is that you guys smell.You smell alot. You didn’t even give us a chance to concetrate on your dance moves because of the bad smell that was coming out you. The moment you began dancing like this,you immediately began smelling like He-goats. You can’t begin dancing for people while smelling in that manner. I didn’t even get a chance of seeing you dance because the moment you began dancing, a bad smell came out of you.You can’t begin smelling like that” Alex Mukulu is over heard telling off the kids who had come to showcase their dancing skills

On seeing the controversial video making rounds on social media, a number of fans have come out to criticize the veteran Drama actor with many saying he should have held his anger and told the kids what to do off the camera

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”As an old man, he can do better than this because you really discourage these young people and may be even others who had the love to participate and mukulu can’t be there without the partipants so give them some respect” a one Gerald aired out his frustration

Adding onto Gerald’s criticism, a one Luky Enid has this to say ” Some pipo need to learn basics of life,when dealing with pipo from poor families,that’s not a good way of advising them,they might have bathed but didn’t use soap because of poverty.those boys cannot even afford a deodorant I bet.i don’t know whether they coach these so called judges or they just put them there.Sorry for those boys Bambi…hoping they get someone to counsel them”

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