Eva Namulondo Apparently Working As Rema’s House Girl In Dubai

On Tuesday last week, celebrated local singer Rema Namakula perhaps got the most wonderful treatment of her life t when her seemingly humble but lavish hubby flew her out of the country with all her close friends and relatives

Rema was slated to celebrate her birthday on Saturday 24th when Hamza decided to surprise her with a unique and well though through kind gesture.

Rema’s loving Husband bought over 10 Air tickets for his wife’s close friends and relatives. The couple then flew out of the country with their next destination being Dubai.

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Among the people that Hamza bought Tickets for to enjoy life in Dubai was non other than Rema’s best friend Evelyn Namulondo

Surprised that her own hubby had organised all his close friends and relatives to fly out with her to Dubai, Rema took to Facebook and posted a thankful message

”When I prayed for family…..I didn’t know what Allah had in stock for me. As always…I thought I was traveling with my husband and our Aamaal…..Had no idea that my sweet husband and wonderful inlaws had planned to travel with us for my birthday gateaway….Everyone starting with my awesome Nazaala….My beautiful sister’s in law plus their little children Ya Allah I’m forever grateful” Rema posted with a grateful heart

Just like most ladies behave when they arrive in a beautiful place like Dubai, Rema & Eva rolled out their cameras and began taking pictures of them selves enjoying life with in the beautiful beaches of Dubai.

However sources close to Rema reveal that the singer took Eva help her out with Hotel chores like washing clothes and taking care of baby Aamal. Rema wanted to have exclusive time with Hamza during her birthday celebrations. She feared that Aamal would become a constant interruption in their planned bonking sessions & thus the idea of tagging along with Namulondo came into play