Movit Products under its Movit brand has Tuesday, April 27, 2021, announced a continued partnership with Rotary Club of Nkozi to host the Nkozi Marathon Virtual Charity run aimed at raising funds for the construction of the Accident Casualties and Trauma Center in Masaka. The charity run is slated to be held on July 03, 2021.

Launched at Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala’s residence, the virtual run is set to solicit funds from Rotarians, professional leaders, members of the business fraternity, corporate entities, and the general public towards constructing an Accident Causalities and Trauma Center.

According to Robert Kitenda, Head of Marketing Movit Products, “We understand the need to continually uplift and work with one another towards achieving a better society, hence the need for us to embrace such initiatives and platforms that aim at improving the quality of life in all respective communities.

Movit has been part of this since its inception in 2016 and we have continued partnership towards the construction of the accidents and causalities trauma center in Masaka, to support the treatment of accident causalities along the Masaka Highway.”

Movit brand’s brand manager Stephen Adinyai further explained that “As part of our support to this year’s initiative and Corporate Social Investment initiatives, Movit Products shall be covering the costs towards the procurement of 1,500 vests/kits and 50 polo t-shirts for VIPs that will be sold to participants and all proceeds will go to the cause and.“Additionally, as part of our activities, we shall be visiting the hospital and support with sanitary equipment including sanitizers, soap, and buckets among others required in the fight against COVID-19 and enable smooth hospital operations and patient care,” he added.

With this partnership, Movit brand aims at empowering and giving confidence to communities in Uganda.
Adinyai called upon the public to join hands and participate in the virtual charity run so as to enhance the donation aimed at completing the project.

This will be the fourth time that Movit brand will be participating at the annual Nkozi marathon.