Musician Cindy has broken the hearts of online in-laws.

Musician Cindy real names Cinderella Sanyu fell in love with boyfriend Joel Atiku, a photographer, videographer and actor, She is always showing their love to whoever is interested.e

Cindy explained that she has seen many celebrity relationships climaxing in trouble but she doesn’t mind about how hers will end. She only cares about the love memories they are creating.

“I am in love and I am happy. I only care about the love moments we enjoy together. I don’t know how it will end and I don’t care,” she partly said in an interview with local television.

This has left a number of ‘it will end in tears” crew cursing and shedding tears like it is their business to mind other people’s businesses.

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Cindy has previously married a white dude known as Mario and the two got blessed with two beautiful children before it ended in tears.

She later hooked up city casanova known as Ken but it also ended in tears after a bitter fight with Phina Masanyalaze.

We hope and pray her current relationship will not end in tears because at the moment is very happy and never afraid to show it off on social media.