Daxx Kartel Officially Dumped By Momo Even After Washing Saucepans For One Year

Following weeks of speculations that Daxx Kartel and Momo-19’s relationship was on the rocks, it finally came to be known that indeed the pair that had openly formalized their bonking sessions in September 2019 were not seeing eye to eye.

Sources reveal that the couple’s split can be attributed to infidelity on both sides and a lack of trust that was accelerated by an indulgence in extra marital relationships.

Daxx Kartel who had spent over two years in the relationship washing plates and cooking ‘squeezed’ Matooke for his sweet heart Momo-19 was severely heart broken after learning that she was silently serving his beans to a one South African ‘Nkumba Kyeyo’ named Medi Moore.

Sources also reveal that Dark Kartel’s inspiration to write his latest song ‘Wagaba Enswa Zange’ was derived from this horrying experience.

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The Banger ‘Wagaba Enswa Zange’ is a direct message dedicated to Momo-19 literally meaning you gave out my Ants

There are also unconfirmed reports that after being denied the chance to be a father, Daxx was so frustrated that he ended up sleeping with Momo’s close friend Ashira which worsened the already stretched relationship after it was reported that Ashira is pregnant with Daxx’s child.

In a dramatic turn of events, Momo had retaliated by deleting all the couple’s photos from her social media handles including Instagram. In addition, she posted the lyrics of Sasha Brighton’s “Kambite” song, which literally means she is tired of the relationship and has called it quits.

As of answering back Daxx also went in studio and released a song titled “Wagaba enswa zange” translated as “you gave away my ants” which many interpreted as a dig at Momo 19 asking her why she cheated on him.

Well we wish the couple settles their differences and move on